My Top Five Movie Roars!

The top five movie roars.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaghhh or something to that effect.

So after having sat through the full two hours of the national disaster movie that is Godzilla I have to admit (albeit with a heavy heart) the monster’s (Godzilla) roar was impressive. If only the post production team had spent their time bettering the film’s structure, writing, talent and editing instead of concentrating on the ‘roar’, perhaps we’d have ended up with something a little more digestible. However here it is the $160,000,000 roar. Almost, very nearly almost, worth every penny.

And here they are my top 5 movie roars.

No.5 – The martian alien’s from the the War of the Worlds.

Mechanical terror.

No.4 – Balrog and or Gandalf from the Fellowship of the Ring.

No.3 – The Monster from Cloverfield.

Like a sonic boom.

No.2 The Ringwraiths from the Two Towers.

Another from LOTR and more of a shrill but still terrifying.

No.1 – T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

It might be because I was let into the cinema as a young child to see this movie, or it may actually be the greatest. All I know is it stuck with me for weeks.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “My Top Five Movie Roars!

  1. I’ve got no roars to contribute I’m afraid. If you’ll allow me to slightly bend the topic: I don’t like modern zombie vocals. Post 28 Days Later, zombies generally screech and hiss and, in particularly bad cases, roar.

    70s zombies are creepier. They’re dull, sad and empty. Being reduced to an angry, hungry guy isn’t as bad a fate as feeling nothing at all.

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