My Ten Anime Experiences

Here’s a top 10 list of anime films, short films, OAV’s and television that I enjoyed during my five year stretch of watching anime, whether you like it or not.

By no means is this list to be taken seriously, nor is it meant for inspiration. It is simply a flavour of what I discovered and what I liked best. Enjoy.



Not for the faint hearted. This medieval fantasy adventure features Guts, a skilled swordsman who joins forces with a mercenary group named ‘The Band of the Hawk’, lead by the charismatic Griffith. Along with its imagery, depth of character and intense story comes one of anime greatest soundtracks. From the legendary Susumu Hirasawa, this electronic storm of rich sounds really adds another level to show’s atmosphere.

Cowboy Bebop


My favourite anime by quite a way and also one of my favourite television shows. Anyone who’s ever heard of this show mentions its soundtrack. Awesome as that is, this show has much more to offer. Anyone familiar with Firefly knows how enjoyable watching a group of misfits fumble their way through space on a budget can be. This show has it funny moments and its share of tear jerkers.

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Everyday life in a pre-apocalyptic world. Evangelion offers an ambiguous vibe that’ll keep you watching whether you like it or not. The show features one of the least badass protagonists of all time which is both rare and refreshing. If you want to see a grim, vague and highly emotional Pacific Rim check it out.

Macross Plus


A series of short films best watched with the dubbed voice of Bryan Cranston. A fantastic sci-fi focused on the background crew and test pilots for real mecha action movies. With an epic score and some truly brilliant scenes, Macross Plus will stay with you for months.

Kino’s Journey


A beautiful journey through a strange intriguing world. Kino is a lone traveller who always finds an interesting way to disturb the local way of life. Kino’s journey is the master of quiet storytelling. The show will put you to sleep in the best possible way.



A classic story of girl meets boy, then another boy and then they form a triangle of love. Escaflowne is an epic anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still offers the viewer a memorable experience they’ll want to watch again and again.

Porco Rosso


A film not really about planes but about film making itself. Porco Rosso is more than just another heart-warming family friendly product from studio Ghibli, it’s a perfect film about a fantastic idea of a pig in a plane executed brilliantly. Casablanca’s Humphrey Bogart got nothing on Porco cool doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Hajime no Ippo


A shounen anime series, which basically means it’s a long running show, with Boxing at its core. One thing animation in Japan does well is sports and Hajime no Ippo is the pinnacle of that genre. The animation is so good you can almost feel the punches.

The girl who leapt through time.


High emotion and packed with tear jerking moments. A great example of science fiction used for more than just science fiction, honestly the time travelling is just device used to forward the plot. A story of teenaged romance and heartbreak…aren’t they the same thing?


j0b2i9l 7fWN5yo gZtkxRM

A collection of experiences and sensations. The most engrossing short films Japan has to offer. Magnetic rose in particular as a short film on its own is an immaculate thriller that could stand up alongside any Fincher feature.

Again this list doesn’t claim to be the best of the best, it’s simply the shit.


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