Top 10 Songs from Films sung by Actors

Warning: This list is not about musical numbers nor does it feature Gene Kelly, instead it’s a list of my favourite songs sung by the actors themselves no matter how badly or how well that for that matter. As long as it’s memorable and entertaining it’s probably here. Enjoy.

Joseph Gordon-Levit with the Pixies – Here comes your man.

500 Days of Summer

Scarlett Johansson with the Pretenders – Brass in Pocket

Lost in Translation

Adam Scott + Family with Guns and Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Step Brothers

Zooey Deschanel – Who Are You

Yes Man

Chris Tucker with Michael Jackson’s – Don’t stop

Rush Hour 2

Ryan Gosling with The Mills Brother’s – You Always Hurt The One You Love

Blue Valentine

Emma Stone with Natasha Bedingfield’s – Pocket full of Sunshine

Easy A

Michael Cera with The Guess Who’s – These Eyes


Joaquin Phoenix with Johnny Cash’s – Folsom Prison Blues (3 mins in)

Walk the Line

Bill Murray with Roxy Music’s – More Than This

Lost in Translation

Bonus: after having seen Inside Llewyn Davis…


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