Top Five Cinematic Weaponry


Just about anyone can wield a sword or pull a trigger, it’s the design, effect, uniqueness and power that intrigues me most. Here’s a short list of my top five favourite weapons found in the movies (as well as in their original material content).


Bladerunner’s LAPD 2019 Blaster.


I love the design of this weapon. It’s nuts and bolts are almost designed to look like nobs and dials. It’s futuristic green LEDs are contrasted with the amber, wooden appearance of the handle and grip. I love it’s size, compact, stubbed but you just know it’ll kick like a mule.

All your’s for a mere $900

The Lightsaber from The Star Wars.


I don’t need it double ended, thick or realistic just give it to me classic. I want it in either blue or green and the less special effects the better. I want to see it wavering paper thin when battling Darth Vader for the first on screen battle. Having said all this, I’m a sucker for a interesting hand guard.

The reasons for the Lightsaber to appear on this list is purely it’s impact both cinematically and culturally. Also one small design feature I adore is it’s compact sheathed form. Like the ultimate gadget you can carry this weapon in your pocket.

You can probably buy this but no one wants fiber glass in their face.

The Cricket Bat from Shaun of the Dead.


It’s old, english and probably left in Shaun’s house by a previous occupant but it makes for one of the most trusty apocalyptic survival pieces. It does hold a small amount of comedy value but it’s main function is to deliver deadly blows to the undead. It’ll never jam, it doesn’t need reloading and and any good Englishman should know which end to swing with.

ARASAKA HLR-12X Heavy Laser Rifle from Akira


Course its got a name this ain’t no Ben 10 we’re talking about here. The beauty of the Arasaka comes from it’s biggest flaw, it’s an energy weapon and with it comes a large battery pack that hangs by waist level from a shoulder pack. Should that battery fail or deplete it’s game over. In fact after every shot it’ll need a cooldown to reload itself. Anyone who doesn’t understand what an Akira is, or who a battery pack does go watch Akira, it won’t help but you should watch it anyway.

The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings.


“It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing.”

Boromir – The Fellowship of the Ring.

Why do you think it’s here, it’s only the most powerful weapon in all of middle earth. I love it’s hold over whomever it finds (with the exceptions of those of pure heart etc) it’s a simple piece of fine jewelry with a simple trick of invisibility to it’s bearer but in the wrong hands it would ultimately doom the world into darkness. For being the only accessory to have made an appearance in all Peter Jackson’s movies and for being the one ring to rule them all, this weapon, for it’s power alone, is a worth number one.


One thought on “Top Five Cinematic Weaponry

  1. Fuck yes Kaneda’s laser. All good picks.


    5. The Smart Gun from Aliens. The big one with the ridiculous, badass harness that Vasquez Jass
    4. Mila Jovavovavich’s sawed-off shotguns with epic coin-shot from Resident Evil: Relocation.
    3. Judge Dredd’s Siri gun from Dredd.
    2. Inspector Tequila’s dual infinite-ammo-cheat handguns.
    1. The mad alien lightning gun that Wikas finds in District 9.

    Honourable mention: Bruce Willis’ on-rig shotgun that he keeps for workers who shag his daughter in Armageddon.

    I’ll probably do a games version of this list. Spoiler: they’re all from doom.

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