Top Four Zombie Games

I’m not going to be the guy who with much self-congratulation observes that zombie fiction is ‘Actually About the People’, because that’s just the definition of storytelling, baby. And I won’t be the guy who pretends that computer games have developed much beyond the scope of Robotron or Pac Man, because let’s face it – […]

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Top Five Cinematic Weaponry

Just about anyone can wield a sword or pull a trigger, it’s the design, effect, uniqueness and power that intrigues me most. Here’s a short list of my top five favourite weapons found in the movies (as well as in their original material content). Enjoy Bladerunner’s LAPD 2019 Blaster. I love the design of this […]

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Top Ten Bad English Accents

Cup of tea and or crumpets. Why is it that a bad English accent has almost become something of a Cliché. It seems everyone is doing it when and if they can. In fact some could argue that the infamous cockney Bert from Mary Poppins (as played by Dick Van Dyke) formed a large part of […]

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Top 10 movie quotes

A great movie quote is a combination of the words written, the delivery by the actor themselves and the circumstances in which those words are said. By circumstances I’m not just talking about the situation, I’m talking about why the situation arose, who or what is most at risk or being exposed or concealed. By […]

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Top Movie Cops

The Fuzz, the 5-O, G-men, they’ve battled criminals, saved Gotham and thwarted Hans Gruber year upon year, so what is it? Why is there always at least one cop movie every season? I’d argue it’s because they are the emissary’ to the darkest, cruelest aspects of the human imagination. Sent to investigate and explore our deepest secrets […]

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My Favourite Irish and British Cinema

Top 5 British and Irish films. Understandably it’s increasingly difficult to define national cinema. Is the film’s country of origin based on investment, talent, location of shooting or nationality of the directors themselves? Instead I’ll be basing this list on the events, issues and themes explored by theses films that  attach themselves to both Britain and […]

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