Top 10 Movie Villains

Top 10 Movie Villains They haunt, terrify and intrigue us. Here’s my ten favourites. Ben Kingsley as Don Logan – Sexy Beast A charmless sociopath who doesn’t take no for an answer, not even from bet365’s Ray Winestone. Tim Curry as Darkness – Legend A camp, sensual villain who’s performance by Curry almost makes this epic […]

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Top 5 Movie Distress Calls

You know the cliché, a distress signal/call goes out and the investigative team is assembled/stumbles into and the plot begins. It’s a brilliant tool used to really kick off the intrigue and peak audience’s interest and although considered a bit of a movie trope today, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of a good […]

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My Top Korean Cinema

My Top Korean Cinema. The ‘cult’ of Korean cinema is a popular brand of cinema slowly making an impact on western audiences. Of course when I say Korean I almost entirely mean South Korea. North Korean cinema is indeed quite something to behold but all for the wrong reasons. Over the last 15 years Korean […]

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Top 10 Directors

Top 10 directors and Their Films. A list of directors whose work inspires, excites, provokes and most importantly entertains (me at the very least).  Richard Linklater Before Sunset An atmospheric director who isn’t afraid to show us the abstract, slightly messy world of film making. It’s rare to have a director/scriptwriter to be so genuine […]

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My Favourite Movie Dinners.

Here’s my two cents for what I consider to be the best dinner scenes that all of cinema has to offer. I Heart Huckabees A good scene in an otherwise dreadful film. Some big names sit around this dinner table (even if they didn’t know it then) discussing Jesus, war, Socialism and Hitler until someone […]

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My Ten Anime Experiences

Here’s a top 10 list of anime films, short films, OAV’s and television that I enjoyed during my five year stretch of watching anime, whether you like it or not. By no means is this list to be taken seriously, nor is it meant for inspiration. It is simply a flavour of what I discovered […]

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My Top Five Movie Roars!

The top five movie roars. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaghhh or something to that effect. So after having sat through the full two hours of the national disaster movie that is Godzilla I have to admit (albeit with a heavy heart) the monster’s (Godzilla) roar was impressive. If only the post production team had spent their time bettering the film’s structure, […]

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